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Sunday: We went to Josh’s dad’s to drop off the truck. It was a nice relaxing start of the day.
Monday: Spring Break officially begins. Ethan spent most of the day listening to the rain and playing with his new Legos.
Tuesday: Madison didn’t have a good start to the day. Icky stomach. She enjoyed some early morning cuddles with her daddy, though.
Wednesday: The end of the line for the Birthday Cake. Took less than a week to finish it, for once!
Thursday: Thunderstorm blew in and blew shut a door. I jumped and Ethan spent a good amount of time laughing at me.
Friday: Cookie Booth!! We’re getting down in the numbers, thankfully! No more Thin Mints, though. *sad*
Saturday: Ethan was a bit of a grump all day. I don’t think he was happy that we weren’t going anywhere.