Kit Credit: Stories by Find Your Bliss (April ’12 Guest Designer)
There are many things I miss since Mom
is no longer with us, but one of the biggest
adjustments has been not talking with her
on the phone. We used to talk at least once
a day, and often times, we talked two or
three times. Our "daily calls" date back to 1981
when I was first married. I knew I could call
her anytime just to talk, or to ask for advice
or direction, or to share important news with
her. We always had something to talk about.
Last year, as Mom's health grew worse, I would
often times wake her up when I callled, but she
was always happy to hear from me, and when
I'd apologize for waking her up, she would laugh
and tell me she needed to get up anyway. I rem-
ember how my heart ached that first time I
called her and she didn't know who I was.
Eventually she became so weak that she could
not speak on the phone. There was such a big
void in my days once I stopped calling her... I
always hoped she would get better and our phone
calls would resume ... but it was not to be. Oh how
I long to pick up the phone and call her ~ to
hear her voice ~ to chat with her ~ to tell
her how much I love her just