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Sunday: We decided it was time to spend Ethan’s gift cards and birthday money. We went to Target, Best Buy, and Walmart. He has no money left, but he had a lot of fun, I think, picking out what he wanted. We made him do the math, as well.
Monday: Bright morning. Beautiful morning. There is nothing better than those, seriously!
Tuesday: Instagram became available for Android, and I couldn’t resist going outside and testing it. Nearly broke my phone’s WiFi some how, but it’s all good now!
Wednesday: Madi had to go to school by herself. Ethan ended up with some sort of sinus infection/allergy attack that made him sick to his stomach. Poor guy, and amazing girl!
Thursday: Ethan had a Cub Scout Den meeting, so Madi and I went to Walmart to get a few things. She ended up with some funky socks that totally just completely suit her personality.
Friday: Madison woke up with a wicked sore throat. She ended up with Ethan’s sinus/allergy thing. Poor mite! During Daddy’s Day off too!!
Saturday: Madison was feeling better. Fever free most of the day, not that it mattered. We spent the day cleaning. And organizing. We took some stuff to GoodWill, and some more stuff to Miss Abby Dabby. She can’t use them yet, but she will at some point, and that’s what matters. Her parents have more storage than we do :D