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Color My Life by the GS Designers
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Sunday: We went for a walk. I saw the tree that caused such issues earlier in March. Blooms were mostly gone. Still, I’m all congested. Because now, the grasses are “in bloom”. YAY!
Monday: Blech. Laundry. Why did Josh have to have extra days off? *grumble* Time to get to work! Who wants to help me out?
Tuesday: What’s worse than having a bunch of laundry to wash? A whole heck of a lot of laundry TO FOLD. Ugh! Go away! Go bother someone else!!
Wednesday: Kids went back to school. Finally. Or so it felt. And I finally have a 32-gig card for my cell! 19K in pictures possible. HOLY CRAP on a STICK!!
Thursday: Madi has taken to putting her hair in a ponytail. By herself. She gets a few bumps but she’s doing better!!
Friday: Ethan enjoys his Legos. He got some new ones because his sister was in Kansas City for Girl Scouts, and we didn’t want him to feel left out. She has THREE activities in a 4-week period. He has ONE at the end of school.
Saturday: Storms are supposed to arrive. We got lucky and nothing actually hit us, but other parts of the state weren’t so lucky. I’m glad my family was all safe and sound, and I hope for a speedy recovery for Salina and Wichita areas.