Journaling: Since Alex had to work hard to get this belt -it wasn't as easy as the rest- he was really excited about getting it. In his world, most things come so easily that working hard is just a phrase that doesn't apply. For this belt, he had to bring a bit of focus and tone down his "all over the place" personality. He also had to show his sensei that he was mature enough to be in the Intermediate class, learning new skills. Alex really earned this one and I am a very proud mom.

"a black belt is just a white belt with perseverance"

Credits: Simple Stories by Crystal Livesay, Sunshine and Rain - Worn Card Stock by Blue Heart Scraps, Essential Basics - Green Collab by Gingerscraps Designers, Urban Strength Overlays by Kim Liddiard, Basic Boy & Brown Eyes Blue by Lauren Bavin, Daily Chipboard Tabs by Christine Gundersen and Sweet As Apple Pie element set by Erica Belton.