for ADSR 7 challenge 2

Dance With Me by Psuchozoe (retired kit)
dance shoes - Dance With Me by Harmonystar (welcome wagon kit)

High School sweet hearts often get the story of how the met
looked over. Perhaps cause in a small town “met” is not the
right word. We always knew of eachother, but became friends
when I helped Ryan to date one of my best friends. When
things didn’t spark with them we communicated less as well, until the year 2000 dance festival.
Not only was I dancing in the festival, but I was on the committee with 7 other couples to help teach others and perform several specialty numbers. For a year we worked on this, then just over a month before the performance my partner told me he was going to be in Alaska that week.
I needed a new partner FAST. I remembered that Ryan had danced a little in a school musical and was prepared to beg. Turend out all I had to do was ask.
We spent a lot of time together as I taught him all the specialty dance numbers. Ryan was a quick learner if a little clunky in
his style. I was very happy to get to dance all the dances at the festival.
Ryan found my friendly personality
attractive and I found his kindness and sense
of responsibilty equally so. Four and a half years later
we were married.
Although we don’t dance so much now, I’ll never forget it was all because of dancing.