Here are the rules-
1. Your layout must have the word Recipe included in the title. ( title is Recipe for Adventure.)
2. Your recipe must have a minimum of 4 "ingredients". ( I have 7 ingredients)
3. You must have a minimum of 2 photographs portraying your recipe. (I have 5)

Journaling: (This isn't my recipe)

We drove up to the Big Lake area this afternoon for a picnic. We stopped at Big Lake for a treat, then went on up to the Big Lake Lookout Tower to see what the area looks like almost a year after the Wallow Fire. The tower hasn't been rebuilt, it still stands, a tall skeletal reminder of the horrible devistation caused by careless campers. The ground is lush looking, the seeds dropped last summer have blanketed the ground in green, but standing stark and black above them are the sketelons of thousands of what were once beautiful green trees. So sad!


PammieK Adventure freebie from a Detour
NDISB Designers The Race is On (prize kit, coming soon)