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Sunday: Just a normal relaxing Sunday. I enjoyed being able to play with the laptop, without, you know, burning my lap.
Monday: I bought shorts. All 3 ended up having cuffs, and I didn’t notice until they were folded!
Tuesday: Madison loves to just strike a pose! Always willing to have her picture taken!
Wednesday: Bright beautiful sun. I’m not a fan of hte heat, but I love the sun!
Thursday: Clouds come in, lightly shielding us from the sun. The humidity levels are through the chart, but it was stil a nice day.
Friday: The kids waiting for the bus. This scene will change son, and I’m just not ready for it!
Saturday: Madi and I headed to Dover, KS for Camp Daisy. Time for Back to Basics.Madi and I both had an absolute blast. I couldn’t even complain about the heache the humidity gave me!