Journaling: For our five year anniversary, Ray took me to Wisconsin Dells. We spent a wonderful kid free weekend together spending time in down town Wisconsin Dells Ray rented a hot tub suite as a surprise for our anniversary and also bought tickets to The Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show... On the day of our anniversary Ray made me a fancy breakfast in bed and we spent the morning cuddling and in the hot tub. That afternoon we walked around down town again where Ray took me out for an Italian dinner at one of our favorite places and then we got our photos taken at one of those old fashion photo studios where you get to dress up; something I have always wanted to do. We had a blast dressing up as part of the Mob and then as part of the Wild Olde West! It was a day to remember!

Destination New Mexico : Truman Studios
Give me Layers Vol 27 : Cluster Queen Creations