Letter to my baby reads:
I am growing more overwhelmed by the day, knowing that your existence in my arms is growing closer. Before you became my reality, I was so wrapped up in having a daughter that little boys in general felt like this wild, mystical, otherworldly thing. But these days I am consumed with the idea of a son of my own.

Everyone loves to tell me that you’re going to be hell on wheels. That having two well behaved, good-natured babies in a row is as rare as being struck by lightening. For a little while in the beginning, I worried they might be right. As time has passed, however, I have found a quiet confidence in who you will be. I think you will prove them all wrong.

Sometimes I sit quietly with my hands on either side of my belly and feel you move. I feel the hardness of your little hands and feet as you push against me and I am overcome with peace. Your presence there inside me, envelops me head to toe with the deepest of faiths. In the same way in which I have learned to follow God, In the way I have learned to make a life with your father, In the way I have learned to care for your sister - with that same faith I will trust you to come into this world in your own individual way.

And I will keep brushing away the preconceived notions of who you will be - those unfounded comments on what I should expect - because I feel you speaking to me already. And with every roll of my belly, you say to me “I am here, becoming. And I will be the exact boy you need in your life, mama. No more or no less

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