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Scrap Your Life Mega

Sunday: I picked up cupcakes for Memorial Day. We also got hot dogs, hamburgers, and all those yummy fixin’s!
Monday: We expected to have an alone day at home, to celebrate Memorial Day. Jamie offered for us to go swimming at her place, so we took advantage of it.
Tuesday: Madison had to fill out a survey for Pinecone Research. I was so proud of her. Hopefully we get something.
Wednesday: Scary sight to see almost your exact name randomly in the Sims 3!
Thursday: Clouds drift by. Pulled out the Rebel!
Friday: The start of Camp NaNoWriMo means I need to find a good snack for me to reward myself when I reach word goals. Oh, I think I found it with a Keebler product. I don’t think I should be very surprised though. We should really own stock in this company!
Saturday: I painted my nails a very pale pink, a color my husband prefers. I’ll be honest. I liked it too.