Credits: Expecting A Boy by Inspired Designs by Crystal; Brother Wordart Pack by Inspired Designs by Crystal; Overlay: Gettin Edgey 01 by Studio RA Designs; Template: Fuss Free: Like Mother Like Daughter Set One by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs

Journaling Reads:
I am so blessed to have you for a little brother! I remember you at this age quite vividly. You were such a little rascal always into everything. It was like you had super human strength for a three year old! How on earth did you knock out a grown man's tooth with a punch? How did you climb to the top of my closet and get my games (that I was trying to hide from you) down to "play" (more like destroy)? You were just a little guy and yet you were still outside playing baseball with the boys my age, 6 years older! The funny thing is that you were a better hitter than all of them! You not only were a super strong little guy, but you also had a huge heart! You were always such a loving little kid full of hugs for your big sister! Even though we didn't grow up together and only had a brief opportunity to live together, I am so glad that we were still so close! Even though you are now a grown man with a wife and a brand new baby boy you will always be my little rascal of a brother. My prayer is that our sons will be like us, always being close even though they are so far apart! Thank you for being the amazing little (now big since you're about 6' 5") brother!