Journaling reads:
My earliest memory is somewhere around the age of 3 and half years old. It’ll probably take a few years before your memories begin to really hang on and follow you into your adult years.

Sometimes, when I think of all that we will do together in the next few years, it saddens me a bit that most of those experiences will move through you and away without staying.

I try to remind myself that each experience, whether it turns to memory or not, becomes the foundation of the soul - the building blocks for who we are as individuals. I’m absolutely certain that true joy is a sticky thing. That the happiest of our experiences will seep into the cracks of your being and stay forever. Even though the bulk of it will only be remembered through what your father and I perserve for you in photos and stories - we know that we are shaping the woman you will one day become.

We strive to build a solid foundation of your self everyday. Filling in your character with layer upon layer of adventure and love… And we watch with swelling pride as our sticky joy flows from the deepest recesses of our hearts and makes a home in you

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