Journaling: Love is knowing that your son is most pleasant, most content and most comfortable when he is strapped to your chest. Love is feeling every breath he takes against your own body. Love is his laughter, inches from your face. Love is being able to get things done around the house even though he’s teething and horribly unhappy but happy as a clam when being worn. Love is wearing your “baby” even when he’s no longer a baby.

Love is sharing nuzzles and kisses because the Mei Tai puts him at the perfect distance for the frequency of such things. Love is open mouthed kisses.

Love is getting all of these things, and more, just because the kid likes babywearing. It doesn’t even touch on the benefits that he receives. Looking at it from a totally selfish position, the benefits to me have been endless. Love is in friends who encouraged me to consider babywearing. Without it, my house would be messier, my nerves would be more frazzled and my precious baby would be far more cranky.
Most of all.. Love is having your baby.. Close to Heart

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