journaling: Sweet Child of Mine,

This is my first letter to you, although you’ve been hearing an earful from your mama for a while now.

You are such a magical, new thing in my life. Some parts of you feel so familiar to me already. Your movements and kicks, the rounding of my belly and this ache in my back. But there are parts of our journey so far that are distinctly yours. Time spent imagining your face. Trying your name out on my tongue. Collecting little bows for your hair and tiny frilly dresses for you. Each day I am feeling my way through the uncharted territory of having three children!

For now, I study your last ultrasound photos - looking closely at the tiny bones in your hands and feet. I keep going back to this grainy photo of your nose and lips. There is something about this tiny peek into you becoming you that keeps linger in my thoughts. That perfect nose, those little lips that already look so much like ones I kiss daily- you feel like everything I know and yet, remarkably different.
I am awed by what you have become in 35 weeks in time and how much you’ve shifted and shaped our family already. We are making room for you in every part of our home and hearts. We await your newness. Anticipate your familiarity. And can not wait for you to arrive.

your Mama

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