Our big family dinner is on Christmas Eve and we got married the day before, surprising everyone on Christmas Eve with the news. There was one photo of us taken on the day by the judge who married us. My niece thought there should be more photos and she took them by the Christmas tree art my Dad’s house. I think her opinion of “It’s about time” is because at 14, 3-1/2 years together is forever!

The black and white photo was my favorite of the group she took; the flash didn’t go off and it was grainy and underexposed. It works as a blended background pretty well.

Credits: Christmas In July by Sugar Kissed Designs

When we announced that we’d gotten married at dinner, Tori was the voice in the background saying, “It’s about time!” When we got back to Pop’s for gifts, Tori took the honor of taking the second…and third and fourth and fifth…pictures of us a Mr. & Mrs..