Credits: Christmas In July kits by Twin Mom Scraps and Roseytoes DesignsChristmas In July challenge template by Connie Prince


I started working on the heritage books in mid-2007. At first it was just pages with some of my old photos. Then it grew into the idea for books for Dave. Johnny and Lisa too; all of us who know about “Growing Up Lividini.” A year and a half later I got 4 books printed. All four books have the same first chapter; our paternal roots. Dave and I share the next two chapters in our books and Johnny and Lisa share the next two in theirs; maternal and parents. All four books have a different final chapter; the adult life and family of the book’s owner. All four books with common ties and all completely individual; Just like us!

I was nervous because I knew what reaction
I wanted; I wanted everyone to open the books
and look at them with their spouses and kids.
I wanted them to be a special family connection
for the four of us. I realized that on Christmas
Eve with all the kids opening their gifts, the
books could easily be lost in the shuffle and
viewed later. My ego was prepared for that.

I saved giving the books for last, after the kids
had opened their gifts. I got an almost teary
smile watching everyone breaking into their
family units and looking together, showing kids
and spouses and the four of us looking at each
other saying “you remember…” Making and
giving those books couldn’t have been a bigger
gift to me.