DEC of 2005; Bianca got her very first hair cut ever! A lot of children get their hair cut at a lot younger age, but Bianca had just turned two years old when she had hers done for the first time. Miss Bianca had very little hair till she was two. And for the longest time it was longer in front and on top then in the back! It almost looked like she had a mullet!
Bianca was so nervous about her first hair cut and did not know what to expect. But she did very well and the lady who did her hair was very experienced with little kids. Bianca sat so very still and the kind hair dresser made her hair all pretty! No longer did she have a mullet like Joe-Dirt! But now she was a beautiful princess! The hair dresser fixed her hair in layers so that it looked fuller and even put a pretty bow in her hair when she finished. Bianca could not be more proud about her new hair cut! She pranced around like the princess that she is, showing everyone how stunning she now looked.

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