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I went to the Wisconsin State Fair with ONE intention in mind: TO EAT! The Texas State Fair is the official fried food capital of Texas, but Wisconsin seems to have a similar love affair with deep fried deliciousness! I wanted to try a Wisconsin classic and maybe find some stuff we don’t have (yet) in Texas. We started with deep fried Oreos: we definitely have these in Texas, but I’d never tried them. A little TOO sweet for my tastes, but still yummy! I stumbled across something called Fat Elvis on a Stick and I HAD to have it: peanut butter cups fried in banana batter with chocolate sauce and bacon bits--freaking YUM! I’m a sweet & salty fanatic and I love peanut butter cups so it was amazing! Next came the ultimate Wisconsin delicacy: fried cheese curds! Guess what? They’re cheese nuggets. You can get cheese nuggets in Texas...BUT these were in a yummy batter, fried fresh and were super delicious. (I should have bought two orders!) Last I had cheese on a stick and hey, it pretty much delivered what I expected: melted cheese fried in batter on a stick. I love cheese, I love bread, I love sticks...can’t go wrong there! There was so much deep fried deliciousness there, but four insanely fattening fried foods were enough for me...until Texas’ fair, that is!