journaling reads:
What a horrible eleventh birthday! Madalyn was so excited to go to bed the night before she turned eleven, she was excited to play with her good friend and neighbor Rebecca, she was excited about her birthday presents but most of all she was excited it was her birthday and she would get pizza for lunch! Around one in the morning, Madalyn woke up sick to her stomach. Mama came in the bathroom to find Madalyn throwing up in the toilet. At first Mama thought it was just something she ate the night before, but as the night progressed with more vomiting, we both knew it was the stomach bug. It was so bad, that Madalyn slept on the bathroom floor in between being sick. Mama slept out in the hallway, waking every time Madalyn was sick. By morning, Daddy came to say “good bye” and to give Madalyn her birthday present. The chocolate bar that she would normally be excited about only made her sick again! Daddy came home during the day to check in on Madalyn, only to discover she was still sick. But it didn’t stop Madalyn from asking to have one present to open. She opened the present, set it aside on her mattress and didn’t touch it until later that evening because every 15-30 minutes, Madalyn was sick. Around 3:30 Madalyn finally stopped throwing up! It was then that Madalyn and Mama napped in Madalyn’s room until Daddy came home. Once Daddy came home, Madalyn got a shower. Even though Madalyn was still feeling sick and nauseous she opened the rest of her presents. The excitement wasn’t as expected, because she still was not feeling the best. All she kept saying, over and over throughout the morning and day was “this is the worst birthday ever!” Poor little girl was so sick for most of her birthday and when she wasn’t sick, she so exhausted from being so sick!

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