Kit used; Happiness In Your Smile by Kathy Winters Designs.
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I uploaded this LO very early because as I wrote for Saturday, it's a day of rest and I knew it.
Took me a few seconds to realize I haven't gotten thru half of Saturday, so I deleted it.
One of my foolish moments Smile

Another week has passed,
and with it memories not forgotten,
Some sweet, some bitter.
But all a part of a week in my life.

Sunday my son and DIL
went to order BABY stuff!
We are now ‘on the lookout’.
A phone ring, a knock on the door,
it’s any day now!

Monday was a bit sad.
My middle daughter is also due.
Any day too.
But we aren’t in contact,
so my heart was kind of blue.
[that rhymed by chance]

Tuesday was unnecessary,
yet quite a lesson.
My husband had a little car accident,
shook us up real good!
But we counted our blessing's,
thanking G-d all is well!

Wednesday my husband and I just took it easy.
We reflected on the past day.
telling ourselves how G-d is gracious,
We sat in the garden,
breathing in the sweet smell of life,
letting life sink back.

Thursday was quiet and calm.
Our home is very small,
but our garden is three times it's size.
So Thursday was a garden day!
My husband and myself,
with our two four-legged 'babies',
just had fun walking around.

Friday is our Sabbath day,
with it all the preparations.
Shopping and cleaning and cooking.
All so we can relax and enjoy our weekend in style!

Saturday is what we call the warm-bed day.
No need in making the bed,
'cuase someone is always in it,
keeping it warm 'n cozy Smile

And so another week in my life has passed.