2012-week-34 - conie p rince aaugust mega

1 week up date from babys new fmaily:
We three, (Baby, John and myself) could not be happier. It seems strange that she has been in our lives only one week, it feels like she has been with us forever. Everything about her is perfect, we enjoy every delightful trait she has. We have not found even the smallest thing to readjust. She has been to the river three times this week, travelled with us down to Eugene, Oregon, and has met all the neighbors. One of this things we especially love is that she does not run out of the house if the doors are left open. She does not let me husband, John, out of her sight, they are glued together as one.

We modified her name to be Zara Baby. Truthfully, I find myself calling her Baby out of endearment, not so much to use her "given" name. So again, thank you for fostering her for several months. We feeled blessed to have her in our lives.