This is the first page of my section in my scrapbook for the 2-weekvacation my husband and I took last year during the last 2 weeks of Minor League Baseball season and Hurricane Irene! I kept a vacation journal and have a paragraph or two for every day, so I’m going to use those thoughts from the days of our trip as the journaling with the photos. Our travel plans included going as far as Maine, but we ended up spending most of the trip n Upstate New York, spending time in Canada, then New Jersey and Delaware at the end of the trip, even foregoing a visit to his brother’s family in Connecticut because of flooding and power outages caused by Hurricane Irene. Irene is mentioned a few times in the journal!

Credits: This Is My Life by Inspired Designs, the notebook is an extraction of a photo of the book I journaled in on vacation


What I did on my end of summer vacation

Revolving Restaurant
Jello Museum
and of course
Baseball Games

Schedule changes courtesy of Hurricane Irene