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Week 35

Sunday is always the best. A new week, a new start!
And we got the best news that our DIl is starting the ninth month, BEST news.
Monday came after a sleepless night, thinking of how it's going to be.
The whole day I had a smirk smacked on my face, with only the baby in mind. Sigh....
Tuesday was one of those 'black-out' days, the who-what-where kind.
Actually an amusing day, where everything is upside down.
It's on these days I get the nerve to do what I normally wouldn't.
I gave myself a haircut! Freedom from the length, finally.
Wednesday I enjoyed my little 'freedom' Smile
Sitting in the garden, letting the wind blow my hair. No wonder I sweated!
Thursday was a lazy day, nothing exciting happens here as it is.
My son came and we always enjoy his company. He's the gonna-be-a-daddy.
Then I had a 'night on the computer'. These hours my mind is at it's peak.
I think clearer when it's quiet. My best ideas came at these hours!
Well, sometimes.
Friday can be hectic. Despite the late night, I was up early, and we went shopping.
Gosh I love that! I'm not religious but it's the atmosphere of the preparations.
Dearest hubby made a casserole and wow, I have my own private chef!
Me and the kitchen don't go well together at all. A little but that's his spot.
Bless Saturday! It's as if G-d tells me go blank and I go blank. No worries, no problems.
Only rest and peace of mind! Living in a country that the religion rules,
Saturday's are considerably quiet, well only the outside.

After every Saturday comes a Saturday night!
Shavua Tov.............