The stranded barge in the Niagara River, near the Horseshoe Falls has been stuck there since 1918. I saw it the first time that I remember when I was in Niagara Falls with my grandparents when I was about 6 or 7. It was a lot bigger then; the water is taking its toll!

Credits: parts from The Reading Room Papers by Keep In Touch Designs, The Reading Room Elenents by Colie’s Corner, Der Dad by Connie Prince

My Journaling:

There is some serious erosion happening now! I don’t know that the barge will make it to its 100th anniversary. It makes me sad. When I first saw the barge in the early 70s it was a little creepy, but fascinating. I made a point of seeing it every time I was in Niagara Falls. Now it’s an old friend from my childhood. But the last 40 years haven’t been kind. It’s not the ancient hull of an old scull anymore; it’s more like stuck driftwood.