Here is my list of top ten things I couldn't live without or would have with me:
1. My son, Gavin would be with me, duh..
2. My cell phone, no doubt about that one!!
3. My computer, no explaination needed..
4. My camera, gotta have that with me!!
5. My PSE7, that way I can scrapbook!!
6. A bed, gotta have a place to sleep!!
7. Toiletries.. I can’t be stinky, I would
definitely be voted off then!!
8. Music, it’s a major part of my life..
9. Scrapbooks Etc mag, my inspiration..
10. Water, to keep me hydrated..

I used the font Annie (my new fav font)
I used the kit Rainy Afternoon by Scrappin Daisies.