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This has been a most unusual week
it's unbelievable how many emotions can happen at once.
At times like these when death and life meet,
we start to think what the meaning of life is.
Our precious granddaughter was born,
and a very short time after that our daughter-in-law lost her father.
And through all this life continued.

I have no words.
I don't even know what the right words are.
And the words that do come out seem small,
and senseless.
Everything seems dumb and ridiculous.
Suddenly the heart aches lessen,
the hard times don't look hard anymore,
the morning's look more beautiful,
the days are more pleasant.
All because death and life came together.

So maybe this is a blessing?
Maybe her birth is to remind us of the beauty in a new life,
and his death is a reminder how precious life is.

I have faith that everything happens for a reason.
And so life goes on...........