Credits: This Christmas by Colie’s Corner, Challenge template by Twin Mom Scraps


Ever since I was a child there has been a bowl of nuts in shells for Christmas. I don’t remember that anyone really ever ate the nuts. Maybe Pop or Papa ate one or two after Christmas dinner, but really, cracking the shells and picking out the nut meat is messy. The bowl of nuts was always still full after New Year’s Day. There was usually a night when Pop poured a glass of wine and plopped down in front of the TV with the bowl of nuts and a plain silver nutcracker. The bowl of nuts in shells usually lasted that one night. It’s not that nobody liked the nuts but nobody preferred the nuts to all the Christmas sweets!

I have to have a small bowl of mixed nuts in the shell in my home because it’s the Christmas tradition, like an edible decoration. I don’t sit down and eat a full pound of them in one sitting like Pop; I use them in the salads that are common meals in January. I guess now the nuts are a reminder that more disciplined eating days are near, so enjoy the sweets!