The following is pg 1 of a book I started a year after the accident, and just can't bring myself to finish it...I think NOW it's time!
Thanksgivng Day 11/22/2007
6:30am: the call comes from Robby to tell me they had a car accident soon after arriving in Georgia and that everyone is ok except for Rebecca who has a broken shoulder blade and broken back. Little did we know, at the time what the next 14 days would bring and what experiences we would deal with and people and angels all sent from God to ease our sorrow ,anxiety and pain,..this book is dedicated to God's true blessings...the miracle of Rebecca's recovery.... and to all those of great faith who showed us their love and support through prayer
(the injuries were much more serious than what her husband had told me on the phone...that too, was a blessing, because if I HAD known, it would have made the 9hr trip from Florida to Georgia unbearable..all in the scheme of God's plan, I would soon find out.)
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