This is my Trick or Treat page for 2011. I wouldn't want a stranger photographing my kids on Halloween no matter how cute the costumes, so I journal about the evening. the funniest kids and most creative costumes and paint the photos I don't take as well as I can.

Credits: Pumpkin Head by Pixels by Jen, parchment sheet by Happy Scrappy Designs


It was SO cold but we still had 157 kids visit.

I got one very young Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who didn’t say "trick or treat,” even when I asked him “Are you going to say trick or treat?” He looked at me very shy and a little scared. I told him, “that’s okay, tell me twice next year.” His Mom said he'd been practicing “trick or treat” all week, but hadn’t said it once tonight. I did get the opposite with one princess, who shyly said “tick o teet” and her Dad saidf it was the first time she’d said it all night. I looked at her and said “I’m honored, thank yo.” She smiled and said “tankoo” you to me.

I had a pair of princesses, one was, I think, Jasmine, a very pretty middle eastern princess in blue and her little sister was a multiple pinks and purples tulle with the King carrying her because she’d gotten too tired to keep walking, so Daddy was carrying her. Too sweet!

There were a couple of girls in heels I was amazed to think of anyone trick-or-treating in. Not sure if they were party girls or girls for hire, they were older,so the costumes weren’t as innocent. Aside form the crazy heels, they did have fur coats so at least they were warm!

The smart costumes on a very cold Halloween were the pair of very furry cats, no heels on these girls, just tails and thicker outfits with warm faux fur.
The best of the smart costumes was during the first hour was a boy who told me, “I’m a Polar Bear!” He was very proud of his costume.

2 teen girls dressed as super fans, one Steelers and one Browns. They asked me which team I liked better, I said I was actually a Patriots fan, but I was born in Detroit so I grew up following the Lions. Finally proud to say that this year. I kinda lost them there. In other words, they were a cute costume idea but the girls didn’t really follow football that close. No biggie, I told them as far as the Browns and Steelers, I don’t want to pick just one for fear the one I don’t pick ill come back and egg my house. We all chuckled together they said “Happy Halloween” and left. I get the sense no one eggs houses anymore, or at least those two girls would never think of it.

Best costumes - Cell Phone, made with boxes, duct tape and markers. Reminded me of EVAD, Dave’s last trick or treating costume, a cardboard box robot. The Cell Phone beamed when he came to the door and said, “Awesome costume!”

Alien Abduction, From the sidewalk, I thought it was two kids, but it wasn’t. A kid carrying a kid? When she got to the door and I had the curious look on my face, she said, “I’ve been abducted by an alien!” Holy Zaphod! She was the alien’s feet and the abducted's head. At the waist she wore the bottom of the alien with the faux top with its arms around her waist and the black hooded classic green alien face behind her. She was the abducted girl on top with stuffed legs in pajama bottoms, obviously abducted in her sleep. The costume was outstanding, very well thought out. It was incredible!