It's one of those places that I've lived fairly close to. It was in the same state and well.......ya know how that goes.......Ya never go until you move out of state.

Before getting married and leaving California, I sent a post card to my future husband: Shawn and told this that I want to take a vacation here and we did In 2001, & visisted family on the way there & on the way back.

We were in Des Moines Iowa when we heard the news about the Twin Towers, which meant it was ideal for us to stay @ uncle Willy's house In Tunkhannock, PA. We headed home the following day.

Though my husband was a trucker I didn't want to risk going home, we had been on the road way too long and my husband was extremely tired. And if we are going to get stuck somewhere, it might as well be with family. We stayed up later then we wanted to with the news, and socializing with family. We did mannage to leave the next morning probably later then we wanted. When we got home we unloaded our stuff into the house: dropped it in the living room (didn't bother to unpack until the following day) & went straight to bed.