Wish for Tomorrow by Kasia Designs
Alpha by Micheline Martin
Fonts: Pea Jean Script, Milk & Cereal

Journaling Reads:

To my Children
I remember when I thought I would
never be able to say those words...
“My children.”
We always thought that having a
baby would be the most natural
process in the world. Discovering
that the natural way to have
children would not be an option
for us was heartbreaking.
Having kids of our own was something
we both knew we wanted from the
moment we met. Those years were
probably the most emotionally
stressful years we have had to
date, but they made us stronger and
we wouldn’t change a thing. We are
so blessed to have you three in our
lives. You fill our hearts with love
and our world with joy. You make
everyday an adventure and have
shown us how to appreciate the little
things in life. Just looking
at your smiling faces in
the morning makes my
heart skip beats. You are
our reason for being, our
reason for laughing. You
are the best thing to ever
happen to us.. I hope you
always know how much
you are loved and I hope
you always remember how
much we adore you..
You truly are our little Miracles