Journaling reads: Over the past five years, I’ve put on 40 pounds. Wow. Admitting it is not easy. It’s my own fault - I was lazy and inactive and during stressful times, I’d comfort myself with food. In September 2012, I wasn’t feeling well. My hands and feet were swollen, my body ached, I was fatigued and felt really foggy. This culminated in me fainting one night. The next day I visited the doctor. The number on the scale stopped me cold. There was no denying the fact that my BMI put me in the obese category. I was stunned, horrified and embarrassed. I had some very abnormal lab work, which indicated that there could be some serious problems with my health. A week later, I repeated the lab work and it came back normal and was probably due to a virus affecting my body in a atypical way. However, my doctor advised me to lose weight. I vowed that day to start taking better care of myself. I want to be active for my children and set a good example when it comes to my relationship with food and how I view exercise. Since that fateful September day, I’ve lost 20 pounds. I am careful and aware of the food I choose and how much I’m eating. I’m counting calories to make sure I’m not overeating. I am also exercising at least four times a week. I was walking Callie 2-3 miles a day until the weather became cold and rainy. Right about that time, a friend emailed me out of the blue and said she was getting a new treadmill and wanted to know if I was interested in buying her old one. She didn’t even know about my new goal for a more healthy life. Now I am able to exercise on the treadmill no matter what the weather is like outside. I love the changes I’m seeing. My jeans are looser - some are even too big. I don’t feel like my shirts are clinging to my mid-section. I feel stronger and more energetic. I feel more mentally clear. I hope that in 2013 I can stick with this new lifestyle. 20 lbs down, 30 to go until my goal weight. I can do this! I’m determined to take charge of my health - not only for my benefit, but for my family’s as well.

December Grab Bag (525,600) by Connie Prince

525,600 Word Art Pack by Connie Prince