French Country by Doreen Stolz at Digital Freebies

Hi baby!

How are you doing? How is everyone back home?
Can you believe that I'm still on this island??
Let me tell you more about it. As you can see
on the pictures I'm sending you, it is BEAUTIFUL!
From the first day I got here, I met some great
people. Some are really funny..others are quiet
but they are all so nice. The response on our first
challenge was overwhelming and everyone did great.
There was a lot of stress about who would be
kicked off the island but fortunately, we all got to
stay. The immunity challenge was exhausting. We
had to build our own camp! I made sure I had fire
and water and a place to sleep. For the challenge
we could only vote for ONE person we wanted to
stay on the island. It was so hard! It was sad to
some people go. The challenges are getting harder
each time. I just hope I get to stay until the end.
I got some time to relax so I decided to walk
around the island and take some pictures. I hope
you like them. Only two weeks and I am already
missing you like crazy! You know you are always
in my thoughts and I love you tremendously.
I hope I get to see you in the finale!!

Te amo Smile

PS. Don't forget to water the plant.