A letter to my kids:
Hey guys!
How are things at home? Well, it's pretty hot here. I'm staying cool by swimming and drinking lots of water. So, what have you all been up too? Carol, Draven and Nathanael, have you been helping your dad with Dominick? You know he can be quite the handful now. HAve you guys been taking him out to his little pool thing? I bet he is loving it! Have you guys been going to the park at all? You know Dominick loves the swings and merry-go-round. Boys, have you been being behaved at your moms' houses too? You better be! Dominick, sweetheart, are you being a good boy? Have you learned any more words from Sesame Street? I hope that you are still a little bit baby when I get home but I bet you will be all big boy.
Well, guys, be good for your dad. Miss you and Love you lots,
Mama aka Teri

credits: Butterfly Garden from Studio Ziska