So here is my entry, as far as the LO I wanted to keep it fairly simple, I wanted the focus to be on the picture and the journaling.

I used papers from Forwarding Address, Coal Again, and Notebook Crush, all elements are from Notebook Crush, all by Starving Artist Designs.

Journaling reads as follows:
You are so incredibly frustrating.
You irritate me and irk me,
I hate that you keep things bottled up and then explode.
I hate when I try to keep things bottled up to explode you want to talk.
I hate that you rag on my choice of music, books, movies, shows.
I love how excited you get when you 'discover' a 'new' 80's rock song.
I hate that you can walk outside and instantly become darker, when it takes me so long to move up a shade from transluscent.
I hate how you know what I need
I love how you take care of me, even when I sometimes act like I hate it.
I hate that you know what I'm thinking
I hate that you know what I'm feeling
I hate that you believe in me
I hate that you make me want to change
I hate how you make me forget everything else
I hate you because you make me want to be a better person
I hate that you can make me smile when I'm down
I love the way you look with cutting down a tree
I hate how your touch makes me weak
I hate how your smile melts me
I hate that I don't want to say no to you (most of the time)
I hate that you can make me laugh when I'm mad at you
I hate that I can’t be mad at you (for too long)
I hate that I can't tickle you
I hate your freakish green thumb (Well mostly because I am jealous)
I love waking up next to you
I hate when you wake up you don't turn all 5 of your alarms off
I hate the competitive streak you have.
I love the competitive streak you have.
I love seeing you jump when you get hit by a suprise snowball.
I hate your ferocious dislike of getting hit by snowballs
I love that you will play games with me.
I hate that you usually win.
I love how put up with my sarcasm, and deal some of it back (even if you don't have a sarcastic tone)
I love that you get so frazzled when I turn something around and you know I did it to get a rise out of you.
I love the way you look riding a motorcycle
I love your craziness
I love how it takes you 10 minutes to type a single short text.
I love how a single look can make me feel a million different ways simply by the position of your eyebrow.
I love your 7 different laughs.
I know there are more hate's than loves on this list...but are they really hates?
Besides if I listed everything I love about you....well, I would never get off this computer.
The most important thing you need to know...
I love you.
I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I will love you forever.