Here is my letter home, I used the kit Summer's Eve Collab by The Brownie Scraps Designers.
Here is what my letter reads: (I tried to be light hearted and tease a little in my letter instead of the mushy stuff cause that's not how we are)

Being here stuck on the survivor island has
given me some time to really be able to look
at everything and realize what I love and miss in
my life. I love you and hope that you are holding up as well as you can be..
Hope you’re not having too much fun without me and Gavin there!! While I’m
away, please remember to do your laundry, and pay the bills.. Smile I know you can’t
wait for me to get back so I can get all of those things done for you.. While I’m
gone, clean the house and take out the garbage as well, and don’t go playing too
much poker with the guys or buying too much beer.. I’ll talk to you soon, love ya!!
Ryan and Gavin