The first week of December 2012 saw me doing a lot of things, like going for walks and taking my camera with me. The weather was warm-ish, with some rain, actually. My feeders were full of Black-Capped Chickadees, Blue Jays, a tame squirrel whom I named ‘Querie’ after Madame Curie, a movie I saw that week, and the French name for squirrel, “Ecureuil” ... He comes when I poke my head out the window and yell, ‘Peanut’ ... really he does. I went for a walk in the woods in my back yard and found this lonely pile of cut down tree. It had been a majestic tree, dozens of years old. Many rings graces its fallen trunk and stump. I almost cried for it, just laying there, now dead and useless to the world, my world. How beautiful it must have been fully alive, towering above this land. I saw a SunDog one late afternoon; I was so blessed to see it there, hovering between the last rays of the sun and the south horizon.
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