Sparkle and Shine by Kathy Winters
Christmas Repeated Word Art by Kathy Winters
Worn paper edges by LynnG
Bordered Paper by Twin Mom Scraps
Font-Pea Hart
“These are the days of Pinterest insanity, over the top goodies, gifts, and even perfect family photos. As a photographer, I know how hard people try to get that perfect family photo and the end result is often masked behind some serious fighting, yelling, crying and frustration. I decided to fight against the “norm” and show how we really are...kind of goofy and never normal. This was the final product for the 2012 Christmas all duct taped shut and quiet. Although they seem to think it was child abuse, they totally admit it was the funniest card we have ever mailed. This is real, this is who we really are! Kind of goofy and never normal!”