Page 2 from New Years Day. When we took Dillon for his walk yesterday there were lots and lots of families with kids sledding down the hills in the field where we go for most of our dog walks. 99% of the time there is no one else there, (unless you count the Canada Geese who seem to stay year-round). No template - very few ellies, but this may be the most pics I've ever fit on a page.

BTW, the kid laying flat with his head on the sled is not injured, although his parents thought he was at first. He said he was getting tired, lol.

Mostly made with 'The Frosty Way' (Mandy King). The pink wordbits are from 'Holly Jolly Holiday' (Ginger Bread Ladies). 'Let It Snow' button from 'Traditions' (Mag's Graphics). White snowflake and blue flair from 'A Little Frost' (Lindsay Jane).