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In May of 2012 I decided after much research to start the process of having gastric bypass surgery. I was sick and tired of trying the fad diets and losing a little bit of weight and then putting it right back on again. I have tried Nutri system, Weight Watchers, of course I have tried your typical diet. The most I lost was 15 pounds and hit a plateau and then got discouraged and gained it right back again. I am not proud of myself that I have had to go this route, but I feel that I really needed a lifelong tool that will really help me lose over
a hundred pounds. I am so sick and tired of having
low self esteem and feeling embarrassed about the way I look. I have two small children that I want to be able to see grow up, I want to be able to go to an amusement park and not worry if the seat belt will go around me or not. Just the simple things in life that you are unable to do when you are extremely overweight. My father has been the one person that has stuck by me and
has supported me through this whole journey. He has gone to every single appointment
with me including every nutrition class I had to attend, including all of my medical
testing which trust me is incredible what you are required to have done. I even found
out through the mandatory testing that you have to go through that I needed my gall
bladder removed because I had gall stones. I just finished recuperating from that
surgery that I had at the end of November. It is unfortunate that not everyone supports my decision to have gastric bypass. I just wish they would understand that it is my life and my insecurities that have made me make
this drastic decision. So here I am the beginning of January and I still don't have a surgery date other than knowing it will probably be next month. There is a lot of insurance stipulations and policies that you have to adhere to before you actually have the surgery. I am very excited but also very nervous. With determination and perseverance I will conquer this.