Project 2013-January Kit and Templates by Connie Prince
Tuesday, Jan 1- Had an early start to the day. We celebreated New Year’s Eve at Aunt Lisa’s party. Went home around 12:30, and slept until 9ish (which is late for the kids). Had a yummy homemade from scratch, buttermilk pancake brunch. Daddy went into work late, so mommy and kids went to chick-fil-a and had supper watching the airplanes at the airport.
Wednesday, Jan 2- Mommy and Daddy both worked early, so Mama had all the kids since school isn’t back in yet. Mommy and daddy had pot pies for dinner and kids had chicken nuggets. Some cleanup but not eventful.
Thursday, Jan 3- Mommy and Daddy were both off work today. Abby and Kendra were both off to school today. After fixing hair and getting the girls off to school, Mommy ran to the store. Visited Burlington Coat Factory for winter boots for Kendra and Trent, then ran to Walmart for a little grocery run. Got the supplies for chili and made crockpot chili and grilled cheeses for dinner (chili wasn’t so great). Not much else got done today.
Friday, Jan 4- Mommy worked, but Daddy was off today. After Mommy got off we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and played the evening away.
Saturday, Jan 5- Daddy worked early, but Mommy was off today. The morning was spent playin and we watched Disney’s Tangled. Abby’s first indoor soccer game was at 4:20, but the coach wanted us there by 4:00. Daddy met us down there, and Grandma and Grandpa showed up too. Abby’s team lost, but Abby did pretty good. She was fairly aggresive, going after the ball and getting in there. After the game we went over to Dairy Queen and had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. After dinner everyone had some yummy ice cream.