Project 2013-January Mega Pack by Connie Prince
Sunday, Jan 6- Daddy went into work late today, and Mommy was off. Mommy did the Sunday Brunch Crunch chat while the kids played play-doh. Tried to clean up some and didn’t succeed at very much. Decided to take the kids to Wendy’s for dinner. Spent the evening playing and getting everything ready for school tomorrow.
Monday, Jan 7- Mommy worked, and Daddy worked late, so he was in charge of girls off to school. Mama had the afternoon with the kids. Mommy had found out a good friend of hers, mother had died over the weekend and the visitation was this evening. Mommy called in reinforcements (aka Grandma). Grandma brought over chick-fil-a for dinner. After dinner, the girls got ready for dance class and mommy got ready. Grandma took the girls to dance, and mommy and Trent went to Cassie’s moms visitation. After chatting for a bit with Cassie and Jon, mommy met Grandma at dance to pick up the girls. After all that, it was back home to do homework and clean up.
Tuesday, Jan 8- Mommy was off today and Daddy went in to work late. Mommy has a bad head cold and is so stuffy. After school we cleaned up half of the girls room together, did homework, and settled down with some Scooby Doo (Trent’s fav).
Wednesday, Jan 9- Mommy worked (man is it busy at the hospital-flu season is in full swing and the hospital is at full capacity). Daddy was off today. After Mommy got home, we all went to Cracker Barrell-good almost home cooked type meal. After eating it was off to the grocery store. Trent threw a fit and ended up sitting in the car with daddy, while the girls shopped.
Thursday, Jan 10- Mommy and Daddy worked early today, so it was an early morning for Mama. Mommy got home and got Abby ready for her soccer game. Got the kids and herself fed and then Daddy got home. After daddy ate and changed it was off to soccer. At soccer we found Mama, Papa, Grandma, and Grandpa-so Abby had a large cheering section. Abby ended up being goalie for the first half of the game and spent the second half afraid of the ball. They lost the game, even tho Abby had several great saves, but let 5 goals get scored against her.
Friday, Jan 11-Mommy worked and Daddy worked late. When Mommy got home and relieved Mama. Grandma showed up to pick up the kids. The kids went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for an overnite stay. Mommy went shopping and had Five Guys burger (mmmmmm. good).
Saturday, Jan 12-Mommy and Daddy worked early. Holy cow, the weather is confused, yesterday was warm, but today was crazy warm-66! Met Grand ma and Grandpa to get the kids and a lazy evening.