I got one good picture of Dillon today. I had my hubby pick him up and hold him because he wouldn't stay still... then I cropped my DH out of the photo, lol. I actually ended up doing an extraction so I could have Dillon coming right out of the frame. Just playing around. Credits: 'The Frosty Way' (Mandy King), 'Snowy Day' (A Saxon Creation) and 'A Little Frost' (Lindsay Jane Designs) *Lindsay's current FB exclusive.

For those of you who have come to 'know' our dog. The Vet sadly informed us on Friday that Dillon's kidneys are failing. There is no cure and the condition will be fatal. The Vet said Dillon has appr. 3-6 months; but it could be less and not likely to be more. His age is a huge factor. He will be 13 at the end of February.

Right now he is still his normal happy self and eating well. His tail wags all the time and he acts like a young dog when we take him for his walks. I will never let Dillon suffer. As much as it will pain me to lose him, his welfare is my utmost concern and I will make that fateful decision to have the Vet gently put him to sleep when the time comes. I will not keep him longer than I should for my own selfish reasons. Aww, my sweet boy. He will be missed and will take a piece of my heart with him when he goes.