Credits: Thanks A Melon by Blue Heart Scraps, Journal Card from Blustery Day by Suzy Q Scraps


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There were also the seasonal fruits we bought at the market. Pop loved visiting fruit markets and he always brought home pomegranates, long before they were considered a “super food,” and big boxes of persimmons. Persimmons were rock hard when you bought them and they were one of those things Pop tried first when they were ready to eat to make sure they were really okay. A rock-hard persimmon is definitely not edible! Persimmons have to finish ripening when you bring them home until they are squishy-soft and almost feel like the skin will tear and they’ll burst when you pick them up; then they are incredibly sweet and tasty! If you don’t wait long enough not only are they not sweet enough, but they leave you feeling like they put fur on the inside of your mouth! The persimmons were always pout in a basket with apples to ripen. I have no idea why, but the apples help the persimmons ripen faster. I’ve tried it at home both ways and it really does make a difference!

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I start every day with fresh fruit. Breakfast is usually a piece of fruit, even before I make coffee. My favorite breakfast fruit is a banana, but a fruit salad or fruit plate is always welcome! Fruit is usually part of my afternoon snack too.

This week my fruit basket had bananas apples and Clementine oranges. There were also grapes I’d packaged up and pout in the freezer; I love frozen grapes! I added pears to the standard fruit basket contents for next week.

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Fresh Fruit and fast food?

The apple slices seem to be marketed to kids at the fast food places, but I guess I’m a kid! I love to order the apple slices to go with my salads or when I’m really jonesing for a fast food burger and fries, a Happy Meal, with the half-size fries and apple slices instead of either/or satisfies my craving and gives me something sweet too for under 10 Weight Watchers points!