Project 2013-January by Connie Prince
Sunday, Jan 13- Mommy was off and Daddy worked late. In the afternoon, Daddy and the girls played connect four. After Daddy left we went to Wendy’s for dinner. That evening we were watching the World’s Strongest Man Competition. Trent loved showing his muscles and the girls had to join in as well.
Monday, Jan 14- Daddy was off and Mommy worked today. After Mommy got home we had a quick dinner, then Mommy and the girls went off to dance class. Daddy and Trent stayed home and played.
Tuesday, Jan 15- Mommy and Daddy both worked early. That evening we had a good dinner of chicken, carrots, and broccoli. Daddy put the training wheels on Abby’s bike after dinner. After homework, we found a show about The Great Barrier Reef. The kids loved seeing the fish and different ocean friends. Then really loved making goofy fish faces.
Wednesday, Jan 16- Daddy worked mid-shift and Mommy was off. Mommy got up and got the girls ready for school. I checked outside and it looked fine, but after waiting at the door for a late school bus I checked online. Found out there was a hour delay for school, so they got to play for a bit before heading off to school. Not much got done that eveining, some homework, and playing.
Thursday, Jan 17-Mommy and Daddy both worked early and Daddy even got off early. After school was busy. Abby had a soccer game at 4:30, so it was literally grabbing her off the bus and rushing down to the field. After the game we had dinner at Gold Star with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma even had some yummy cookies for everyone from her work.
Friday, Jan 18- Mommy worked and Daddy worked late. We decided to have a fun night. We had a Mari”O” (spaghettiO’s) dinner-except Mommy. After dinner we watched Aloha Scooby Doo, then played Mario Brothers on the Wii.
Saturday, Jan 19- Mommy and Daddy were both off today. A rare family weekend. Daddy let mommy sleep in and took care of the kids in the morning. For the afternoon we decided to go to Chuck E Cheese. We had promised Abby around her birthday that we would go sometime. The kids had a blast playing the games, eating pizza (chicken for Abby), playing in the play area, and then picking out prizes. We just had a chill night in.