Credits: School’s In by Twin Mom Scraps, A Brand New Day by Inspired Designs, Journal card from Blustery Day by Suzy Q Scraps


This Week:

Tuesday – somehow the Cozy Cats from January 2009 is STILL half finished 3 days later! Slowly but surely, huh? Started The Studio’s Progressive Scrap today. It’ll be a Durand page from 2009.

Wednesday – Did week 2, Fresh Fruit, for 52 topix this morning. Much as I stressed last week about what I‘d do with it, I am pretty pleased.

Thursday - Did the Ginger Scrap scraplift challenge. Very cool Kaline and Carla scrapping from last January with a big cut out cat in the center.

Friday – did my first layout for 2013 today! Template Challenge at Ginger Scraps, I did the first trains from our Tuesday this week. The Progressive Scrap page is looking good; not too many things labeled "delete” or “move.”

Saturday – Finished the Progressive Scrap. I’m actually making very few changes this month!

Sunday -Finished Daddy’s Girl and Mommy’s Girl this morning. Did the second layout for 2013, Cuddle Kitties, after we got home from Pop’s tonight. Template made that quick and easy!

Monday – Did 3 pages for the first of 2013, Did Kaline playing from 2009

MS and Digital Scrapbooking

I was diagnosed in 2011, but the physical problems of MS came earlier than that. The tingling in my hands compromises my ability to use scissors and especially to write. I can still use a mouse and type without issue; digital scrapbooking saved my hobby pursuits and keeps my memory keeping alive.