Credits: This One Life by Connie Prince


The doctor’s office called just yesterday. They received the blood work results and my doctor wanted me to know my cholesterol is high again. He’s just letting me know. I gained some weight during the second part of last year, and after I’d brought my weight and cholesterol down the year before. This was my warning that unless I want pills I need to get it under control again! After the rich butter and sugar from the holidays, I need to get back to my balanced and Weight Watchers friendly habits!

Chocovore Breakfast
Krave cereal and chocolate yogurt along with the already eaten banana is a good start to the day and satisfies a wake-up chocolate craving
With a half cup of fat-free milk and coffee with a tablespoon of Coffeemate, it’s a 9-point breakfast

Crunchy Veggie Bowl
Variety is the spice of life! I’ve loved a bag of crunchy veggies for afternoon snack time since I worked in a building that had the snack shop downstairs that sold them. What a brilliant idea for office workers wanting healthy munchies! I started packing my own, for about a third of the cost. They can be munched on with a couple tablespoons of salad dressing for dipping, but I prefer them plain for no points!