My brother-in-law introduced me to Cafe Caribe, a Latin espresso blend of coffee when we visited for Christmas. It has a wonderful flavor and is smoother than the Italian espresso I’ve been accustomed to. Coffee worth an entire page? Yeah, it‘s THAT good!

Credits: Espresso Italiano by Violamoni

When we were in Connecticut for our holiday trip last month, Ben made us a pot of his favorite espresso with breakfast one morning. It’s a Latin blend of espresso and it is simply the best espresso roast I’ve ever had! Sorry Italian roots, but it seems I have Latin coffee taste!

I bought a brick of it before we left Connecticut and David got one for me for Christmas. So I started 2013 with two packages of this phenomenal coffee. The only problem is that while I have a Keurig brewer, a regular coffee maker, a pressurized espresso pot and another basic coffee maker in storage, a French press set a coffee grinder and two full demitasse sets with spoons, I don’t actually have a stovetop espresso pot! Just a simple coffee and water in the bottom, put it on the stove and it goes “whoosh” when it’s done making the espresso, nope, don’t have one. What kind of first generation American coffee nut am I?

As it worked out, Dave had both Noni’s pot AND the one she gave Grandma. I told him it wasn’t a sentimental attachment, but could I please have one of our grandmothers’ espresso pots? When Rina came for the weekend, she brought me the pot and I finally got to make a pot of my Latin espresso in my stovetop pot from Italy. It tastes just as good as it did when Ben first introduced me to it.