SEAStock is a fundraiser that benefits environmental causes on St. Croix. It was held for the first time in early Feb 2012 and was such a success, they held it again yesterday (1/27/13). I went last year but was not in a party mood this year. Plus, I wanted to donate that money to Innocent Heart instead so surgeons can repair Mye de Leon's sweet baby boy's heart. Please consider purchasing the HUGE kit that many different designers helped create. It's fabulous, and it's for a super good cause. Thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful grab bag, Sugar Kissed! I enjoyed working with it. I did do a lot of recoloring so things would match the photo. The flowers and string come from Connie Prince's Ice Ice Baby. Fonts used are Voluptate Demo from the Font Cafe (title) and Verdana (label caption).